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Turn Your Entryway into the Perfect Back-to-School ‘Mudroom’

It’s back to school time! Have you noticed that is the theme this month? My last post was about updating my children’s bedroom furniture before school starts (check it out HERE – it’s absolutely swoon-worthy). This time, I’m tackling the entryway. As the kids get older, they need more and more stuff when they get ready for school, which means mornings are that much more hectic. Well, this year I am determined not to let the mess of school get ahead of me. I’m tackling the problem before it begins by redoing my entryway so that it is organized and easy to get the kids on the bus. I’ve got lots of tips and tricks I’ve collected over the years, and I’m also sharing two furniture options to prove that you can create the perfect “mudroom” in any size home.

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  1. Make it BEAUTIFUL. There is no reason your organized space shouldn’t also be aesthetically pleasing! We all know I love rustic, Farmhouse Chic design, so I went with some floral accents, mason jars, and lots of white. Add a few small details that will make the space yours without getting too cluttered. Utilize your wall space — I have a selection of frames that have pictures of the family and a few specifically designated for artwork. The kids love this because I let them decide what goes in. They can change it out regularly, which not only makes them happy but also keeps the space visually fresh.
  2. Have a family calendar that is easily accessible. I highly suggest a whiteboard calendar. You can buy them already in the calendar format or create your own with a permanent marker. I use lots of different dry erase markers to color-coordinate each family member and their activities. The kids love this – they get to pick their own color each month, and I love it because everything I need to know is right there, easy to see. No more forgetting fieldtrips or doctor’s appointments for this family!

  1. Organize the most logical way for you. What will make you most efficient? For me, that means organizing my space top to bottom. The kids’ shoes are on the floor – under a shelf that holds their backpacks, which is under a hook with their coats – and a second hook that holds their hats. Do you see a pattern emerging? When I look at the wall, I see my child “dressed” top to bottom, in that order. For me, it’s so much easier to see when something is missing that way, and it becomes obvious if they forgot something. In our household, the last thing the kids do before brushing their teeth and going to bed is check that their backpacks are ready to go. There is an extra shelf for each family member where they put anything else they may need for the day. Lunch boxes, sports uniforms, golf shoes for my husband, my yoga mat – all have a home on the extra shelf. It was the perfect addition to our mudroom set-up because it is a designated space for those things that usually get forgotten.

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  1. Do you need a small space fix? I realize we are all different – for my family turning a decent-sized area of our home into a mudroom was necessary and welcomed. If you aren’t working with that much space or, for instance, like your space to be visually clutter-free, then maybe the Arden Accent Cabinet is for you. Small enough to fit in almost any space, Arden is my recommendation for hiding the mess. The large interior shelves are perfect for bins – just designate one for each family member to keep things sorted and organized. Then use the surface and wall above it to create a perfectly customized command center. Create a mail drop zone and designate an area for keys. There is even room for a lamp and a few picture frames.

  1. Divide and conquer. This Perris Tall Cabinet is absolutely gorgeous! I love the weathered finish and the hardware on the front is beautiful. The divided shelves on this piece are perfect for a family — just assign each person a shelf or two, and you have a beautiful way to keep track of what belongs to each person. I think it would be extra special to label each person’s shelves with something personal to them. Maybe just a name tag or a picture of them? The possibilities are endless! The extra shelves at the bottom, with the doors that open in both directions, are extra cool because it means you could use this piece as a way of CREATING an entryway if you don’t currently have one but still want things to be perfectly accessible from either side.

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I hope you are as excited as I am for the return to school! I love my kids and wish I could spend all my time with them, but after a long summer of high energy, this mama is ready for some nice relaxing moments in the peace and quiet!. And thanks to my new mudroom set-up, I am sure to have even more time to relax, confident that my kids are prepared for the day ahead.

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