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Top Interior Decorating Trends for the Latest Look in 2014

With its buyers fresh from going to “market” to scour the latest trends and innovations and bring them home to Dayton, Cincinnati and northern Kentucky, interior designers at Morris Home Furnishings have outlined what they foresee as being the top interior decorating trends for 2014.

Shades of gray
Darlene Mittmann-Emrie, design consultant, said gray has become the new neutral.
“We can pair it with almost any color and it just comes out beautifully,” she said. “Depending on the shade of gray, that influences the tones of the other colors used. Imagine gray with aqua, a water color, and blues linked to sea and sky shades, combined with accent colors. You’ll have balance in your room.”

sidechairs Accent chairs can take on larger seating pieces
Hitting everywhere, Mittmann-Emrie said, are accent chairs that when paired or tripled, can replace or complement larger seating pieces. Accent chairs without arms are particularly new and fresh when covered in “pillow” fabrics – fabrics with lots of pattern, lots of color, she said. “Have fun with them,” she said.

Contemporary with an industrial, functional edge
Morris Home Furnishings just expanded its contemporary gallery to pick up on the return to a more contemporary look. You’ll find expanded living room, dining room and bedroom selections. “This look is really picking up in the Dayton metro, Cincinnati and northern Kentucky area. Our clientele are coming in and asking for this approach,” Mittmann-Emrie said. Lighting that might hang over a sofa is being considered instead of a matched pair of lamps, for example. “We’re going to see more mismatched lamps, too. Things aren’t so matchy-matchy. We are getting away from that – even in our end tables.”
Not huge yet but gaining attention is the industrial look – pieces on castors for easy movement and functionality. “People are starting to think of functionality being as important as the look,” she said.
Such pieces can be paired with those from other influences and can be rough-hewn wood with metals.


Don’t put away those antiques and heirlooms
People don’t want to discard their antique and heirloom pieces from bygone generations. Again, introducing some contemporary pieces plays off their older look and enhances their drama. “This has been going on in Europe for a very long time and it’s becoming very big here,” Mittmann-Emrie noted. “You could take an antique table and put it with a very contemporary buffet, or vice versa. Or let’s go a step further – take an antique, off-white table and couple it with contemporary, dark chairs. We don’t have to follow any rules anymore.
“Let’s make our homes fun and interesting,” Mittmann-Emrie said. “When our friends come over, they might say, ‘Is this a piece you inherited or did you find it at some fabulous estate sale? Tell me the story behind it.’ And you’ll say, “No, I found it at Morris Home Furnishings!”

Morris Home Furnishings has been Making Homes Great since 1947. You will find more selection, more style and more savings on the latest interior decorating trends at the three stores located in Ohio and one in northern Kentucky.