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Spotlight on Uptown Glam: Luxury you will love

Calling all lovers of sophistication, indulgence, and luxury!  Today is all about you! I am delighted to be featuring my third and final Morris Home Lifestyle for you today: Uptown Glam. We all know I love the rustic Farmhouse Chic and traditional Heirloom Classic , but sometimes, Mama just needs a little sparkle and shine. Wouldn’t you agree? I believe that every hard-working mother — or father, for that matter — deserves a little sophistication in their home décor. Why shouldn’t our homes reflect a little bit of glamour from time to time?

I like to imagine a Hollywood starlet coming home from a long day on the movie set to her lavish apartment, taking off her designer heels and lounging gracefully on her gorgeous living set. She, of course, is indulging in some handcrafted chocolates and a glass of fine wine. I think we all can appreciate the finer things in life, and I, for one, am not willing to give them all up just because I have a family. The beauty of the Morris Home Uptown Glam collection is that a little bit of starlet can shine through in my home décor, without my having to compromise on quality or practicality. The pieces are comfortable and durable, which every family home needs, but the fabrics, silhouettes, and details exude opulence and give my home the perfect upscale touch.

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At the end of the day, when the kids are fed, washed and sleeping, the luxurious details Uptown Glam adds to my home help me unwind and pamper myself for a while. Personally, my favorite place in my home to feature Uptown Glam is my bedroom. What says “master suite” more than plush tufting and elegant detailing? I love walking into my luxe oasis after a long day of corralling kids, pets, and the like. Feeling a little pampered at the end of the day is just what I need to stay upbeat and positive. Morris Home has a variety of bedroom collections in this style, and they all bring a little something different to the table. If you are more the red lips, Hollywood nightclub kind, consider the dark woods of the Darlington Collection . If you are more like me, you will appreciate bright, mirrored details on the South Beach Collection . With Uptown Glam bedrooms, you are sure to find something that not only suits your personal style, but also elevates it to the next level.

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You all know how I feel about the Elance Dining Collection that I featured back in November. It is just absolutely to die for! It can be dressed down for a casual night with the kids or up for a glamorous dinner party with your girls. It’s perfect for any Hollywood diva disguised as your average, everyday homemaker.  The detailed seatbacks are part of what elevates this collection, while the cool tones of the wood finish and fabrics make this collection completely customizable to your own personal taste.  I just love it!

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I could keep gushing about Uptown Glam , but I think it’s time for this mama to put down the stemware and pick up the sippy cup. I hope this post helped you see that having a family doesn’t always mean your house can’t be glamorous. For even more inspiration, check out Morris Home’s Uptown Glam Pinterest page and remember: there is room for a little bit of luxury in every home!








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