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Sneak peek: New lifestyle collections at Morris Home

I can’t believe fall is already here — this year has been absolutely flying by! It feels like just yesterday I was introducing you all to my favorite Morris Home lifestyles: Urban Loft , Modern Studio , and Natural Living . They are all so beautiful and a little bit of each speaks to me, personally. Morris Home is always updating their collections and lifestyles so they can stay ahead of the trends. I love going in and just looking around at what’s new – their beautiful showrooms are just so inspiring! Check out below a sampling of my current faves that have recently made their way onto the showroom floors.

Urban Loft

My current favorite in the Urban Loft Lifestyle is the Finn Living Collection . It’s clean, simple, and just beautiful. The size is perfect for the apartment or small home dweller that desires big style. The silhouette is modern, and those plush cushions are just begging for you to sit down and relax. The Urban Loft Lifestyle is the perfect balancing act between industrial and organic elements: natural-finish woods contrast with exposed metal accents. This collection will create a unique and updated look in any home.

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Modern Studio


Lexa is just gorgeous. This collection actually includes dining , living , and bedroom options. You could fill your whole home with Lexa’s beauty. The dining set is my favorite, with its exquisitely textured table top and stunning chrome legs. The tufting on the chair backs is subtle but elevates the look to the next level. Lexa is a perfect addition to a Modern Studio home. It is cool-toned, geometric, and textured – ideal for creating a modern oasis in your home. The simplicity of the furniture shape allows the textures to shine through. Minimalists rejoice!

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Natural Living

If you want something truly unique, you should check out the Adeline Collection featured in the Natural Living Lifestyle . The red tufted sofa is a bold choice that is sure to intrigue your guests. The details in the patterned fabrics absolutely make the collection. The cool boho vibes are intensified by the casual addition of these floor pillows . Guests will have no excuse for not popping a squat and hanging out for a bit. The bold patterns and colors are grounded in earthy hues, making this a top choice for your Natural Living home. Let your eclectic, hippie side show by adding the Adeline Collection to your home.

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Now, remember – if you didn’t see something that made you swoon, there are so many more options and even more lifestyles! Morris Home has a lifestyle quiz which makes it easy to figure out the design style that’s perfect for you.

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