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Noteworthy Accessories from Morris to Inspire your Home

Hey there, did you miss me? It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but never fear — Leah is back in action! I am refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for some change! Seeing as we are full into spring now, I think it is time for me to freshen up my home décor.  Whenever I’m a little tired or bored with my surroundings, my go-to updates are accessories. Lamps, rugs and pillows are all great ways to freshen up a space without breaking the bank.

I wandered into a Morris Home this past weekend, and I must say, they have stepped up their accessory game. I wanted to buy everything! The lifestyle categories definitely made my choices easier (not to mention going lighter on my budget). Here are some of my absolute favorites that you might be interested in adding to your own home this spring. Enjoy!

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Visit your local Morris Home to find these beautiful accessories and so much more!

The first thing I grabbed when I walked through the door was a matching set of these beautiful throw pillows from the Modern Studio collection. I love them so much! The embroidery is elegant and high quality and the neutral tones blend well into my existing décor. I think the graphic pattern, while subtle, adds a bit of edge to my sofa without being too much. They are the perfect size for my space; not too big but big enough to create impact. I think these will carry me through a few seasons, for sure. I like that pillows can be moved from room to room — that way they don’t get boring as quickly, and you can change up a space without spending a dollar.  I’m thinking about adding these bad boys to my bedding for some added volume in the pillow department, but for now, they are happily perched on either end of my sofa.

MODERN STUDIO: Click HERE to browse our selection of Modern Inspired Pieces

Visit your local Morris Home to find these beautiful accessories and so much more!

I am in love with these geode bookends from the Natural Living collection. Geodes and crystals are quite the trends right now. You’ve seen them on the runway, at weddings, and now: in your home! Small pieces like these are a great way to stay on-trend without dating your entire home. Trends are fluid, so don’t spend an insane amount on something that you might not like in a year. Small details such as these bookends will make your home feel fashion-forward without a long-term commitment to the trend.

Visit your local Morris Home to find these beautiful accessories and so much more!

My big spend of the day was this beautiful piece of abstract wall décor. This piece from Urban Loft is a perfect way to blend the styles I love. The iron disks are industrial and great for the downtown style of my apartment, but the organic circular patterns created by the disks helps incorporate the natural accents I love. This piece is currently hanging in my living area, and it is just jaw-dropping. I think what really makes it is the textural details of the iron. I don’t see myself moving this, but it might also look amazing in my entryway as a grand, oversized statement piece.

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Looking at this post, I have realized something: I think my current aesthetic for home décor is based around neutral tones with bold patterns and textures. I love the idea of creating a relaxing space that isn’t flat or boring. The mixed materials of these three accessories express my aesthetic perfectly. Please, please, stop into your Morris Home and take a look at all of the new accessories. I think you are guaranteed to find something (or lots of somethings) to love.

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