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Top Tips for Furnishing an Apartment

Sometimes living in an apartment can put you in a bit of an interior design rut. Maybe it’s because apartment living makes you feel like you are still in college. Maybe it’s because you don’t feel bonded with the space like you would with a house. For a long time, I held back from investing in beautiful home furnishings for my apartment because I felt that it was temporary, so my furniture just didn’t matter. After a few years of living with mismatched hand-me-downs, I had a revelation. Your space is what you make it, and I was not happy with mine. So, I reassessed and began focusing on pieces and design elements that I loved. My apartment is now as close to my forever home as possible – perfectly reflecting my style and lifestyle needs.

I know starting this process may seem daunting, but just breathe because this is going to be fun! You are starting your story now by creating your perfect space and not settling for temporary. Don’t know where to start? No problem! I have pulled together some of my favorite small-scale pieces in a variety of Lifestyles from Morris Home to give you a few ideas about how to start.

Living Room – Jade

When it comes to living room furniture , there are tons of options . I would suggest choosing one larger upholstered item , paired with a few accent chairs . This allows for an ample amount of seating, while also taking up less space in your living room. Accent chairs are easy to set back into that awkward corner every apartment seems to have. Focus on color, too – most likely, you can’t paint the walls in your apartment, so you need to bring in color some other way. Upholstered furniture is a great way to do this, while also showing your décor personality. Bonus: it’s significantly easier to get small furniture up the stairs and/or in the elevator. You don’t want a Friends situation on your hands –“Pivot!”

Jade is a beautiful option – the sofa is a neutral color that can be adapted to a variety of spaces, while the pop of blue on the accent chairs will help create a bright, inviting space. I also think the structure of this Modern Studio sofa is perfect for an apartment. Clean lines will draw the eye, and maybe that’s exactly what you need to deter from the hole in the wall that your landlord won’t fix!

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Dining Room – Stoneridge

Dining is tricky in an apartment. Often there is no defined space, let alone a corner big enough to accommodate an average-sized table and chairs . For me, having a dedicated dining space is important. My husband and I don’t always sit down at the table to eat, but I like when we do and I like having the option. If there isn’t much space at all, I suggest a bistro set. One small table and two chairs are enough to define a dining area without needing a ton of room. Drop-leaf tables are perfect for this as they are compact when you need them to be. I also suggest investing in a modestly sized (and easy-to-clean) area rug so you can define the space.

This version of Stoneridge is an excellent example. The distressed grey finish is beautiful, as are the upholstered seats. Stoneridge comes in a variety of sizes, so you will definitely be able to find just what you need. Stoneridge is in the Farmhouse Chic Lifestyle at Morris Home . It will easily bring a touch of warmth and comfort to your space.

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Bedroom – Bayside

Bedrooms are often neglected in apartments, but creating that peaceful space is so important. A beautiful bedroom will help you unwind and relax, so don’t forget about it! People often think a bed frame is going to be too big for an apartment bedroom – and it can be – but that doesn’t mean you need to avoid one altogether. Measure your space and make sure the bed frame isn’t so large that it engulfs the room. I also like dressers with mirrors as they can also be used as vanities and clothes storage. Consider the wood color carefully. If you like your rooms to look light and airy, don’t go for a dark wood because it will dominate a small space and make the whole room seem darker. If you think of your bedroom more like a cave of solitude, make it a beautiful cave with some rich dark woods.

The Bayside collection is casual and warm. I like the clean lines and sienna finish because they don’t over-power the space. The headboard is just big enough to anchor a room without seeming too large in an apartment bedroom, and the dresser is the perfect size. Featured in the Heirloom Classic Lifestyle , Bayside is something that never will go out of style, and it will last you for many years to come.

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It’s not so hard to find some beautiful furniture for your petite apartment! Just keep my tips in mind, find your unique style, and soon your apartment will be the beautiful oasis you’ve been missing.

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