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Escape stress by creating your own peaceful, sanctuary-like master suite

Escape Stress - Morris Home Furnishings It’s no surprise that a good night’s sleep is a must-have for excellent health. The quantity and quality of rest we get impacts our mental and physical well-being. If you’re looking to improve your sleep, it may be time to redecorate your master suite for maximum relaxation and restfulness.

A calming bedroom makeover begins with a soothing color palette. Designers suggest soft tones inspired by the sea, sand and sky. These muted, spa-like shades work equally well for wall colors, bedding and window treatments.

Quality rest requires uninterrupted sleep, so evaluate the lighting, temperature and noise control in your master bedroom. Sleep experts recommend a dark, cool, quiet environment so light-blocking window treatments, ceiling fans and sound machines are popular solutions.

If your mattress is more than eight years old, it’s time for a new one. A supportive sleep set is the first step to getting a better night’s sleep. Then complete the look of your bedroom makeover with new sheets and bedding. And don’t forget a fun accent pillow or two.

Mattress shopping tips

  1. Wear comfortable clothing – The ideal way to test a mattress is to lay on it for several minutes in the position that you sleep. Take your time and don’t be self-conscious—you can even bring your own pillow from home.
  2. Bring your partner – While many people believe they know what they want from their next mattress (firm, soft, pillow top), there’s no better way to find the right one than to test it together.
  3. Take notes – Bring the measurements of your current mattress, box-spring and headboard with you to the store. You can also jot notes on the different brands and models you like as you test them at the store.

Types of Mattresses
If you haven’t shopped for mattresses in a while, you may be surprised at the variety of choices and advanced technologies available today. Here’s an overview to get you started: Innerspring The most common construction, innerspring mattresses feature coiled metal springs at their core.

  • Memory Foam – These mattresses have replaced the traditional innerspring with a core of memory foam.
  • Latex – These models have replaced the traditional innerspring with a core of latex foam.
  • Specialty Beds – These include materials such as gel, air, and hybrid styles that combine more than one component.