Create a Kids Retreat

Children’s room makeovers can be as simple as a coat of paint and a comforter set, but the growing popularity of DIY – do-it-yourself – projects has encouraged the creative juices to flow.

DIY projects allow adults and children to be involved in the new-room creation process and also personalize the space. Repurposing furniture and sentimental items help keep childhood memories alive, while maintaining the item’s usefulness.

bed_repurpose_deskThese days, children’s rooms are being filled with bed frames converted into desks, tutus sewn as bed-skirts and nightstands turned into play kitchens.

Décor trends for nurseries and kids’ rooms change quickly. Current trends encompass the child’s personality, but also meet with parent’s desires for storage space and tidiness.

In smaller or shared bedrooms, the goal is to optimize space since bedrooms often have multiple roles. Dual-purpose furniture, like an Ottoman, can accommodate extra seating and storage needs.

Bunk beds, loft beds and day beds are popular and under-bed storage can be disguised with a fabric skirt.loft_bed

Popular paint colors include aqua blue with pink, bold reds and oranges, and black and white with a pop of color such as turquoise on accent pieces.

While theme rooms are still popular, sophisticated designs are also trending – even for children – but ceiling accents, murals, and 3-D wall art add nice touches, as well.

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