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5 things you need to make a cozy bed you’ll love

Confession: If I could, I would never get out of bed. I just love doing things like snuggling up between the covers with a good book or getting some extra cuddle time with the kids. A cozy bed is a perfect place to sit and unwind or get the good night’s sleep you need. So, I have developed five steps that will result in what I consider to be the most comfortable and cozy bed that you will never want to get out of!


The Perfect Mattress

If your cozy bed was a sandwich, the mattress would be the bread. Nothing else matters if your mattress isn’t giving you a restful night’s sleep. I highly suggest taking your time to find the right one because there are so many options. The sleep experts at the Better Sleep Shop are so great — they helped my husband and I find the perfect mattress! The Sealy Blue Mesa Pillow Top has amazing features, including the patented Posturpedic Technology we all know and love. As a sleep enthusiast, your first step HAS to be finding your best mattress match.

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Plush Upholstered Headboard

There are so many types of headboards at Morris Home , but my favorite choice for an extra-cozy bed is upholstered . It’s like an extra layer of pillows you can lean back into. There are so many options – you can adapt them to fit any style. Lexa is a unique and beautiful option. Personally, I prefer the classic tufted headboard for my home, but this beauty is a great example of a sleek modern headboard that’s still comfortable and livable.

Supportive Pillows

For a lot of people, pillows are an afterthought, but they are just as important as everything else. Choosing the right type of pillow for the way you sleep will make all the difference – trust me! There are so many different types, including memory foam, latex foam, gel fiber, and the classic feather- and down-filled. If it feels like the options are endless, here is a quick reference guide:

  • Stomach sleeper: sofa, flat pillow or no pillow
  • Back sleeper: medium-thick pillow – if it is too soft, the head will sink down to the mattress
  • Side sleeper: thick, firm pillow to support the neck


When it comes to bedding, I would focus first on the type you like and then worry about the looks. Personally, I like thick quilts and flannel sheets, but I am always cold – I need some really intense bedding to stay cozy and warm. You may enjoy a down comforter with a duvet of your choice to bring some personal style into your space. I like investing in high-quality bedding and switching up the accessories with changing seasons or styles.

Blankets and Pillows

Add some personal flair with throw blankets and accent pillows. I also require a few soft throw blankets because, visually, it adds some depth and extra layers. They are also perfect for those extra-chilly nights when you need another layer to stay warm.

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It is so simple to make your bed perfectly cozy and styled just the way you like. If you need help finding inspiration , Morris Home has six curated lifestyles that span the design aesthetic spectrum. You can definitely find something just right for you, and before you know it, you will want to spend as much time in bed as I do!

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