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Bedroom updates that will last into your child’s teen years

With school starting soon, I realized that my daughter has outgrown her bubblegum-pink, doll-filled bedroom. Sadly, she isn’t my baby anymore! She’s going to be in middle school this year (oh, my gosh!), so maybe it is time for some updated furniture. I took her into Morris Home and said she could pick out a new bed frame and – most importantly – a desk . I want her bedroom furniture to be able to grow with her. The older she gets, the more space she needs for studying rather than doll houses.

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I must say I am absolutely in love with the bed frame she picked out. It will transition beautifully with her as she ages. The Penelope bed frame is a true show-stopper. The second she saw it, the biggest smile spread across her face, and I was sold. I might even be a little jealous, quite frankly. Penelope is a dream. It’s so sophisticated and grown-up-feeling but, at the same time, age-appropriate. It has a strong vintage feel she can grow into, and it is positively French! I can see this bed frame transitioning into her teen years because — let’s face it – she is a girly girl at heart, and she will always love pink and glitz.

She was far less interested in picking out a desk, which means I took charge of that one. Her existing dresser is white, so I decided to stick with that and ultimately landed on the Sarasota 3 Drawer Desk . The details on this desk are just beautiful. Crystal knobs and carved details elevate the piece. Honestly, thinking about my baby sitting at this desk studying for her ACT makes it much easier to think about her getting older. I especially like the extra elements, like the drop-down front and built-in outlets because functionality hidden under a pretty finish just makes my heart happy!

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While I was in Morris Home , I also picked out a set of furniture for my son. He is far less opinionated and had no interest in picking any out himself, so I picked out what I liked. He is my troublemaker, and I knew it needed to be something sturdy, stain-resistant, and grown-up enough that he would continue to like it into his teen years. I think Granite Falls is going to work quite perfectly! There are so many options ranging from regular bed frames to a lofted version . I love the versatility. It has a bold graphite finish which makes it mess-friendly and perfect for my busybody of a son.

I really liked the matching desk with the hutch attachment . The industrial finish is cool and edgy, and I know he won’t be using it for a few more years – he is seven after all (thank God!), but I figured I might as well be prepared. He is going to put his Legos on it now and is excited about having a “work bench,” as he keeps calling it. I’m excited that he has figured out a way to play with the desk before he needs to study with it. It will make it that much of a better investment – plenty of years of use, and I’m certain this thing won’t wear out. Granite Falls is just what a growing boy needs!

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I have to admit (as hard as it may be) that I love my children’s new “teen” furniture. My daughter definitely needed a “grown-up room,” as she calls it. She is so pleased with herself, and it fills my heart with joy to see her so happy. I’m also happy knowing that this furniture is high-quality and will last for many years to come. Morris Home has such a great selection of youth furniture that can transition with your children through the many stages of their life.

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