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Amazing holiday dining for your contemporary home

I am so excited (but so anxious) for Thanksgiving this year! For the first time in my adult life, I am hosting Thanksgiving at my home. I’m talking about an all-out, cooking for days, friends and family gathered around the table Thanksgiving. Here is the only issue: I don’t have a  dining table  large enough for people to gather around. I’ve been browsing the  Morris Home  website and picked out my top three choices for my personal style. I tend to identify with the  Morris Home Lifestyles Modern Studio  and  Urban Loft  so dark woods, clean lines, and metal accents are my go-to and will definitely match my home décor well.


The  Creston dining collection  is absolutely stunning. As I said above, I love metal details on my furnishings, and  Creston  does not disappoint. The entire base is beautifully shaped metal, which compliments the dark-stained wooden table top perfectly. The large base size makes this feel grounded and substantial in your space. I really like combining different materials because it’s an easy way to create an eclectic feel, but if you like your dining sets to be more matched, there are multiple options for chairs, including  upholstered  like the ones pictured above,  leather  and  wood

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The thing I like most about the  Tremont collection  is that it looks like a classic dining set upon first glance, but upon the second, you begin to notice the beautiful details that make this piece truly unique. I really like the addition of a  bench  , rather than just chairs. It will allow for more people to fit around the table during my Thanksgiving feast, but after the holidays, I can use it by the front door of my apartment as a mini entryway piece. I also love the metal pull elements on the  table base  and  bench base  . They add the industrial flair I love. The wood has some natural flaws, which means each piece will be absolutely unique, and the mid-toned finish accents them beautifully.

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 Forest Place 

 Forest Place  – what a beauty. I am so intrigued by the  bar-height dining  concept! I can see it easily having an informal vibe, but the beautiful dark finish and elegant upholstery definitely save this set from feeling like it belongs in an actual bar. I really like the clean-lined finish – the addition of the height is bold enough for my space! Once again, there is the addition of a  bench I don’t think this one could be used somewhere else, seeing as it’s taller and upholstered, but I still love the look of it and the fact that more people can fit on it.  Forest Place  is a versatile choice for my lifestyle because, even though I am currently planning a big formal meal, more frequently I just have a few friends over for pizza or tacos.  Bar-height dining  is a fun and unique option for a dining space.

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Well, it looks like I have a big decision to make and not a lot of time to make it. I’m currently leaning towards the  Tremont Collection  because it feels the most versatile for my home, but I’m still undecided! If you didn’t see the right set for you, don’t worry — there are so many  dining  options you can check out at  Morris Home  in a variety of  lifestyles   . 

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