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7 ways to create a welcoming entry for your home

It’s true, first impressions are as important to decorating as they are for job interviews and first dates. When friends, family and visitors come calling, you want your home to feel welcoming and inviting . Here’s how to make the entrance to your home a statement in style.

      1. Do a 360 evaluation – Consider every element of your entry: the walls, flooring, ceiling and stairway (if applicable). Leave no surface untouched.
      2. Make a bold first impression – No matter what your décor style, the entrance to your home calls for drama. Colors and materials that might be “too much” in a larger room work well in entryways. The quintessential black-and-white checkerboard tile floor is a perfect example.
      3. Accent with style – Small tables, chests and benches add interest to a space without taking up too much room. Foyers are ideal for colorful, painted pieces and coordinating mirrors and accessories.
      4. Deck the walls – When it comes to your entry, skip the ‘builder beige’ wall color. Choose a bold wall color or interesting wallpaper.
      5. Add designer touches – It’s the little touches that distinguish this kind of space. Use small groups of artwork, flower arrangements and throw rugs to give the area a finished look.
      6. Contain clutter – Nothing detracts from a space like overflowing stacks of paper and stuff. Use small bowls and trays to organize your mail, keys and electronics.
      7. Hit the olfactory senses – Greet your guests with a space that smells as good as it looks. If you have pets, consider a deodorizing air freshener.

While foyers are often an afterthought, they’re really the perfect weekend home improvement project. It’s easy to create a foyer that reflects your personal style. The limited square footage makes it a relatively quick, inexpensive project that offers great return on investment.

Small Space Solutions

halltrees600x400 For space-challenged homes, the foyer can be problematic. If you’re short on square footage in this area, consider these double-duty solutions:

  • Accent Chest – A chest is a better choice than a table because it offers drawers for keeping hats, gloves and clutter out of sight.
  • Benches – Look for a bench with hidden storage or baskets underneath–they’re great for hiding shoes, umbrellas and such.
  • Hall Trees – If your hall closet runneth over, a fashionable hallway tree is the solution. An updated twist on the coat rack, hall trees offer hanging storage and often include shelves and hidden storage.