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3 sleep solutions for the ultimate snooze fest

As I get older, I realize that I have to take care of myself more than I did as a young adult. Prime example: getting a good night’s sleep. In my early twenties, I could stay up all night, sleep on a friend’s sofa, and still get up ready to face the day. Fast-forward to today, and it’s a totally different story. If I don’t get a full eight hours, I’m going to be dragging for days.

I also realized that the mattress I’ve had since college was no longer cutting it. It was time for something new and improved! I have upgraded my sleep with some fancy new bed options, and I must say – they make all the difference. I went into the Better Sleep Shop and met with one of their Better Sleep Experts . They introduced me to so many cool new options designed to give everyone a better night’s sleep.

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Adjustable Bases

OK, first things first: I knew, without a doubt, that I wanted to invest in one of the fancy adjustable bases . I love spending time in my bedroom, so being able to adjust the mattress to my desired height for lounging or sleeping is a great feature. There are added health benefits, too. You can improve circulation, reduce back pain, and alleviate heartburn. Bonus feature: when your husband won’t stop snoring, you can raise him up, and *boom!* no more restless nights listening to that awful squawking! The adjustable base buying guide on Morris Home’s website helped me out a lot with making a decision. The Better Sleep Experts made sure I picked out a mattress and base that were compatible with each other, which made my shopping experience infinitely easier. I just love how versatile my bed is with an adjustable base underneath it.

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Cooling Technology

So, my husband and I agreed that memory foam worked best for us (the expert at the Better Sleep Shop highly recommended this material). We were blown away by the cooling features these mattresses had, too. The Tempur-Pedic Breeze technology and Sealy Conform Chill are amazing! This technology creates a cooling sensation that I have definitely noticed since I started sleeping on it. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night flustered and hot, anymore — I stay comfortable all night long. Our salesman told me that the mattress is made with breathable layering that draws heat away from the body. A cooling mattress is exactly what you need during those warm summer nights.



All right, this last one is a perk I was absolutely not expecting. When my husband and I discussed the adjustable base, we assumed we wouldn’t be able to have a pretty bed frame anymore, but we were absolutely wrong. The Better Sleep Expert informed us that, contrary to popular belief, the adjustable bases fit into almost any bed frame . How awesome is that? We simply had to pull the slats out and…voila! We went with the Tribecca frame from the Urban Loft lifestyle because it fit our style perfectly.

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I am just obsessed with our new bed! It is everything I ever dreamed of for my home, and more. I know the adjustable base is going to be the envy of all our friends – especially now that it’s tucked so nicely into a gorgeous bed frame . I am so thankful for the Better Sleep Shop Experts because, without them, I would have been absolutely lost. They helped my husband and I find exactly what we needed, and I don’t think I have slept this well for my entire life! Do yourself a favor — head into a Better Sleep Shop today to power up your sleep experience.

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