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3 Dad-approved recliners just in time for Father’s Day

Leah here, and I’m excited to celebrate “all things dad,” just in time for Father’s Day! What screams “DAD” more than a recliner? Every time I visit my parents’ house, I find my father kicked back, taking a nap in his ratty, old reclining lounger. It warms my heart to see him so comfortable and relaxed, but I think it’s about time for an upgrade. Que: Morris Home Morris Home has hundreds of recliners to choose from, with a wide range of styles, sizes, and features.

Seeing as it’s her furniture, too, I called my mom a few weeks ago and got permission to buy dad a new recliner. Her only request was leather. Leather living room furniture is very popular, thanks to its durability and versatility. I looked at a variety of recliners and narrowed it down to my top three, based on what I thought my dad would like best. The final decision was up to mom — she went with the Warwick collection , which is featured in the Urban Loft Lifestyle by Morris Home . Read on to hear more about Warwick and my other two favorites.

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The Rhinehart Collection

When I thought about upgrading my dad’s recliner, my first thought was to get something he would consider exciting and futuristic. Morris Home combined both in the Rhinehart Collection . A pull-down center console, lighted cup holders, and POWER RECLINING ? This collection has it all! I’ve never seen a more “man-cave-ready” piece of furniture in my life. Place this baby in front of a big screen, and you’re in heaven. With the touch of a button, you can adjust the leg rest height. Feel like you need to stick a pillow behind your neck for the perfect view? No problem — just hit the button conveniently placed next to your LED-lit cup holder, and you will have the perfect amount of support you need. The Rhinehart is any sport’s loving father’s dream.

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The Andy Collection

The moment I walked into the store, I gravitated toward the Andy Collection. This set is featured in the Modern Studio Lifestyle at Morris Home . I like the clean lines and the structure of this collection. It just looks so much classier than the lumpy blob of a recliner my dad uses now. This set features the all-important power reclining I mentioned above, as well as some leather features I love. The upholstery is Leather-Match , which means the seat, arms, and other parts your body touches are real leather while the back and sides are manufactured. This is a great option for anyone who wants amazing quality for a great value. I also really loved that this piece is customizable. The design center at Morris Home allows you to choose from a wide selection of leathers to match any décor.

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The Warwick Collection

Let’s finish strong with the Warwick Collection. As I mentioned, this is the recliner my mother ultimately decided was perfect for my dad. The rich, dark leather is masculine but will still compliment her home décor.  The cross-stitching is a beautiful detail that gives the recliner a little bit more style. Warwick is Leather-Match , just like the Andy Collection , so I know it will last for years to come. I especially love the plush seating; it feels like you’re sinking into a cloud, which is perfect for afternoon naps!

Best Father’s Day gift ever, right? Warwick gives my dad an updated look, but he will definitely still be comfortable while he watches his shows (or more likely, the insides of his eyelids). I won’t be surprised if my mother goes back to Morris Home and buys the rest of the collection. I have scheduled Morris Home’s Elite Delivery Service to deliver this bad boy straight to my parents’ living room. The team will bring it in and set it up right where he wants it – in front of the TV, just in time for baseball season to really fire up. This is the perfect gift for any dad – not just mine – so head into Morris Home today. There is still time to get your recliner in before the holiday!

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